Writing Is a Business

You see that title? Do you believe it? I do, I do, but I have not always acted on that belief. Well, this week I got fed up with the helter-skelter nature of my work and decided to do something about the practical side of life.  Not the writing side. I’m compulsive about that, as my regular readers know. I write morning pages 365 days a year. Five days a week I shoot for 500 words a day on the novel in progress, a new poem every week and a memoir piece every two weeks. This in addition to prepping for my coaching groups and the research that I mentioned in my last blog.

So while I was doing all that, who did the marketing, the financials, the day-to-day stuff that any small business needs to keep it breathing? Mine was more like gasping. Oh, no! I meant to renew that membership, to send off those submissions, to pay that bill. Well, we all know where good intentions get us.

Someone had to take control of this chaos and when I looked around my little office, no one was there but me and the dog, who cannot sign checks or type. He cannot remember passwords or count to ten. Duncan tells time, but he cannot use a calendar. I did a Winnie the Pooh “think, think” thing and came up with two solutions. One, I hired Mary Walewski of Buy the Book Marketing and spent two hours with her this week creating a marketing plan. Whew! It’s organized and doable. And I marked my planner every Wednesday morning as “Business Morning.” On Wednesday, I put my derriere in the chair and in three hours I had clipped off most of the frayed ends. I still have to get back to those submissions next Wednesday, but it’s only the first of the month, so the deadlines are not closing in on me yet. Now, excuse me for one second. I must see if I pushed send on those first of the month bills. (I never said I’d be perfect at this business.) Yup, so now I’m off to write. That’s the fun part of my busy, crazy life.

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