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  • True confession

    I confess to keeping a reading list organized by subject. Partly it’s one of my weird afterlife images. I imagine myself gone to the vast beyond and someone still curious about what I read, finds my list and sees me through my reading history. More likely is the use I make of that list now […]

  • Simmer

    Writing under time pressure is risky. I grab whatever floats up out of a muddy mind. If I were still teaching, I would warn students not to wait until the last minute to write. But do I take my own advice? Not as often as I should. Part of my procrastination is hubris. I’ve been […]

  • Fatigue & fear

    Ordinarily I would have posted on Monday, but there was not much ordinary about that day, coming as it did after Sunday, when I feared for local people in a crowd. Fortunately, for my sanity late day Monday I met friends for dinner and then we went to a wonderful bookstore to hear two fine […]

  • One of those days

    Today I feel like sludge. The news is wretched and the weather undecided. World news and rain are not in my control, so in search of distraction, I picked up marine biologist Rachel Carson’s early book, The Sea Around Us. Originally, published in 1951, it was reissued in 1961. Like me, she was at times […]

  • Why write?

    Some days I ask myself that. For the longest time my goal was to connect with readers, although I never expected to win prizes or make a bundle of money. For one thing, my initial work was poetry and that’s more often than not a gift to the world rather than a source of income. […]