INVISIBLE JUAN: Juan Diaz Quimby wants to be safe but he’s currently homeless in Manhattan. He wants to be anonymous because he fears the notoriety that would come from his tiny size. He’d like to grow taller than he is, just twelve inches. He’d like to make love to Carla, a woman significantly larger than he is. He wants what full-sized people want–love, security, success, respect, acceptance. He can’t have any of these because he’s afraid to come out into the open, afraid he’ll be hurt or ridiculed, become an object of pity or curiosity and not be seen as a complete human being. In order to get the things he wants, Juan will have to survive by his wits and learn whom to trust. First, Carla, then his sister, finally himself. Available on Amazon. ISBN: 9781548691141

PROVIDENCE, a sequel to ACCIDENTAL CHILD, Time is a turbulent river in which a boy called Cobalt and his father are swept apart. From their home in an arid, distant future, they arrive separately in Providence RI in the middle of the 21st century. Rising sea levels and violent storms eat away at the city, at its infrastructure and at its economy. Families dissolve as climate refugees flee inland and Cobalt must make tough decisions about his own future. Available on Amazon. ISBN 978-1530454846

ACCIDENTAL CHILD:  Survivors of disastrous climate change have built a community in an old shopping mall, where clan hierarchy determines work, allocates food and controls the right to bear children. Rose Donahue falls through time into this arid future and must adapt or risk death trying to return to her former life where she had a lover, a young daughter and a beagle named Otis. Available on  ISBN 978-1505856637

TWO-GUN LIL is available on Poems that reclaim a fractured childhood. They hold up for inspection parents, ancestors and memories of an old farmhouse in Maine, seen through the eyes of one who draws a bright line between nostalgia and memory. ISBN 9781466468801

FEED: Reading Lists for Those Who Eat, now available on This little book will lead you to a wealth of information and entertainment all related to one of our most basic needs and fondest fascinations–what we eat. Includes Culinary Fiction, Food History, Memoir & Biography, Poetry, Food Science, Food Warriors, Magazines, Organizations, Blogs, etc. ISBN 9781470057688

THE GREAT HUNGER(poetry) was published in 2009 by Plain View Press and includes a reading list, a   food manifesto, and a food timeline. The title comes, of course, from the catastrophic Irish famine, which Karen’s ancestors survived before emigrating to the States in the late 1800s. Available at ISBN 9780981473166

GREEN RIDER, THINKING HORSE is creative non-fiction, a little bit memoir, a little bit the history of the harness-racing breed of horse, the Standardbred. For seven years Karen owned and adored a bright bay gelding named Casco. He is alive and well in Maine, because he wouldn’t fit into the suitcase when Karen moved to Colorado. He also lives–forever–in her heart and memory. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of Maine.

If you like history and mystery, BONES IN THE CHIMNEY will suit you just fine. The book began while Karen lived in a tiny house in Brunswick, Maine. She wondered about the history of her back yard and in researching the area found pieces of old stories about Brunswick. These slivers of history were too delicious to ignore, so she turned them into a series of short stories and narrative poems. The book is illustrated by the late Peter Farrow. Available in limited supply from the author:

ISBN 0937163120

Moon Pie Press published SOSTENUTO in 2006. This small collection of prose poems has a quirky edge and a haunting tone. The title is a musical term that refers to a note that fades slowly and gradually, like the memory of a kiss, the taste of good wine, the echo of a satisfying poem. Order at     ISBN 0978586077

RED GODDESS POEMS, 2nd Edition: Celtic mythology meets family history in this   collection. The woodcut on the cover and three more inside are the work of artist Elizabeth Ostrander. She created these pieces for the original edition, which was published two decades ago by Cafe Review Press. It is available on

ISBN 9781492363309

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