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  • Reading Another Murder Mystery

    I savor the heft of the hardback, a whisper of pages turning, knowing that there will be justice, evil outsmarted, gore scrubbed away by the last chapter and guilt uncovered, no long echo of hate in the news.

  • Have you read my books?

    It’s time I reminded you that I have novels and poems available. I would also remind you that traditional books can be shared, donated, or recycled. If, however, you read on a tablet, please make your device last for three years. Otherwise, the energy that goes into a new reader would likely allow a publisher […]

  • So many books, so little interest

    My poetry shelves are out of control. Recently I pulled out a few volumes and donated them. And I considered avoiding any of the four libraries available to me. Why, I ask you, do I borrow books when I already have too many within my reach? Yeah, yeah, I’ve read them all, but if I’m […]

  • A good read

    How to decide what to read? My routine is to first browse the faced-out books on the library shelf near the front entrance. Then I wander to my favorite areas and almost always come home with some old friends and a few newbies. For the latter the information on the cover matters. So, when I […]

  • Sink into mystery

    I’m talking about mystery stories, full length, often set in a different country and a different decade. When the real world, you know, the one that I hear about in the morning and evening news, scares me, I retreat into fiction, the comfort of a classic who-dun-it where the mystery is solved and there is […]