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    In Monday’s post I mentioned the number of books sold in the US in a year. Of course, books were on my mind because I had just been to one of my four favorite libraries, and one of the selections I had checked out was Gary Goodman’s memoir, The Last Bookseller: A Life in the […]

  • Book ’em

    I just drove 8.9 miles to and back from my favorite library. It’s 4:50 pm and there’s traffic galore. Besides feeling a little guilty for driving my hybrid car, I was stupefied at how many cars were on the city streets. Don’t get me wrong, all the ones on my route out and home behaved […]


    Today I went to the library in search of information on climate science and jotted down the call numbers of several non-fiction books that will serve my purposes, but instead I decided to see how novelists are handling the looming issue of sea level rise. I wish I had stayed with my original intention. One […]

  • Another Good Book

    FROM DR. SEUSS TO WALLACE STEVENS Reacting to the world news is painful. How much war, disaster, and illness can we absorb? In my search for relief I turn, of course, to books. And this time the book is one I will keep in sight, read and response selectively at the author’s advice. Ex Libris, […]

  • In Praise of Index Cards

    In Praise of Index Cards

    By now you know that I read a lot. But you probably don’t know how I struggle to retain some sense of what I’ve read. Sometimes I comment in my daily journal, sometimes add pages to a notebook dedicated to writing advice, sometimes I make a quasi library card and add it to my index […]