I’m Back!

Welcome back to my online home. It’s been a weird world since I last posted here. Maybe it’s always been weird, and I just wasn’t paying attention, but I admit to having been distracted by non-literary stuff. Despite the turmoil of life as I know it, however, I’m pleased to be well and ready to rejoin our pixilated world. My goal here is to follow E. M. Forster’s advice, “Only connect!” I again welcome your visits, advice, and stories from or about our shared reading and writing life.

            There may be some glitches as I regain what skill I’ve ever had with the virtual world. New equipment, new sites to navigate, lots more writing to attend to and to share—if I think too hard about reentry, I feel dizzy. Or was I always dizzy? Might be so. Anyway, I’m refurbishing the furniture here, spiffing up the visuals and deepening the gifts.

            As Lewis Hyde says in his book The Gift, the written word is a gift from the writer to the reader. I know that much of what we see may grate rather than gratify, and I can’t guarantee that the way I string words across our virtual pages will always please you, but I respect your questions and opinions. I look forward to our conversations. KD

One response to “I’m Back!”

  1. Hi Karen,

    Good to see this! I am one of your cousins from Texas-my Mom is Joyce Jarratt in Edna, Texas. Her biological Dad was William Howard Thibodeau-who left Texas for Rhode Island in 1929 when the Great Depression hit.

    We have ordered several of your books and really enjoy reading the poems and stories. I especially liked Invisible Juan! Mom and I each ordered several and we trade back and forth-loving each one.

    Hope you and your family are doing well in Colorado. It seems the Covid outbreaks are behind us and we can move forward with our lives and have normalcy again. The hibernation has taken a toll on everyone in one way or the other. Mom is 91 and doing very well for her age. She’s living in her home, still driving and active in the little town she lives in. Her favorite outing each month is her book club. Every month a different member hosts at their home and they have a wonderful evening of talking about the current book and then fellowship with food and wine! We wish that you could come to Texas and stay with us—and be the “Author and Book of the Month”. We have wanted to be able to meet you at some point. Our cousin on Mom’s maternal side lives in Frederick, CO but with Covid going on we haven’t been able to fly. She came to see us twice during Covid in her Road Trek – best way to travel in pandemic. If you ever meet someone named J.P. (Jeanette) Martin (she’s about 73) that’s our cousin. Her Mom and my Grandma were sisters (she had 14 siblings on the farm). Here I go rambling on – I don’t mean to do this!

    We were saddened to hear about John Cole passing away in November. He was Mom’s age and they became close by talking on the phone occasionally. He was a joy to meet when we were in Rhode Island almost 3 years ago. It was obvious how much he thought of you and I’m sorry for your loss of this special uncle. 💔

    Sorry this is so long – if you ever want to come to Texas you are welcome to stay with Mom and/or us anytime.

    All the Best,

    Judy (Jarratt) Srubar



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