Word Greed

Admit it, if you are like me, you collect words you’ll never need. I go further in this vice: I collect quotes, whole sentences, even paragraphs. These snippets are not necessarily related to what I’m working on; in fact, I may never use them. Like a crow with shiny objects, I carry them in my beak from a library book to my nest which is a journal and hide them from jealous eyes. It’s not just the words that shine so much as it is how they cling together, like the roots of a tree, hidden but intricate, nourishing resources.

Language is more than a list of words, isn’t it? It’s a harvest of phrases and sentences, images and sounds, some of them heard silently in my brain as I read. It’s a gathering, which like any other healthy community, welcomes immigrants. In fact, it needs strangers in its midst or it stiffens like rheumatic knees. A vast array of word groups from many sources brings news of other villages and cultures, news we need to grow on.

David George Haskell, in his wonderful book Songs of Trees: Stories from Nature’s Great Connectors, repeatedly demonstrates the interconnectedness of life over time and place, whether in the canopy of the rain forest in Ecuador or the balsam firs of the frozen north. He listens and brings back what he hears. We who write must do the same or risk ignorance, a false understanding of the web of life which is so much bigger than we can imagine. But we might just grasp it through a web of words.

3 responses to “Word Greed”

  1. Here’s one: “hirple.” Galway Kinnell uses it in a poem called “Burning the Brush Pile,” in which a burned snake emerges from the ashes of a brush pile and “hirpled away into the secrecy of the grass.” One of the more moving poems I’ve ever read, sealed by that word “hirpled,” a Scottish word meaning “to walk with a cramp.” You can read the full poem here: http://coracias.tumblr.com/post/46078670405/burning-the-brush-pile-i-shoved-into-the-bottom


  2. I would call it Word Sustenance, or Word Nourishment. Words are wonderful and deserved by the robust mind; loving words and the ideas conveyed by them is exactly the right thing to do. And besides, it can’t be helped, thank God.


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