The Good Life

Things a writer might do to stay off the sauce, the skids, and the streets:

1. Start the week Sunday by leading a discussion on the craft of poetry at Brainfood Books in Longmont, CO.

2. Take part in a round table talk about Slow Lightning by Eduardo Corral at Boulder Book Store. She might not have understood many of the poems. She definitely would have slipped an envelope over the cover with its tangle of all too realistic black snakes.

3. Go to her regular Wednesday night critique group. Probably, she would take a “ghost” poem–one not of her own making–because her most recent original piece was not ready to be seen, dressed as it is only in a diaper. She hopes it will mature before next Wednesday.

4. Attend a poetry reading where a feature reader Lew Forester would extol the value and influence of poet Philip Levine and read a selection of his own poems, fully realized and energetic.

5. Finish the week by attending a monthly meeting of Colorado Independent Publishers Association in Denver, CO.

In between all of these events, she’ll have written 21 pages in her journal, sent a short non-fiction piece to Expedition Underground, which graciously published it, done two loads of laundry, read three books, and slept about 64 hours. The good life, indeed.

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