Playing catch up

Writing is central to me, but other things can and do draw me away. There’s health to attend to that drew me away yesterday. Nothing dire, just routine stuff, but it took time keeping current with scans and jabs and such. So yesterday, when I should have been here at my desk, I rewarded myself with brunch out and my weekly visit to the library. Well, library = books and when I got home, having stopped at the grocery store, I figured I had earned some reading time. What was I thinking? Obviously, I forgot that it was Wednesday, and that I had planned to add to the blog posts. When I surfaced from the fascinating book I was reading, the day and the evening were behind me. So, here’s that missing entry, about missing an entry. I’m more than halfway through Helen Macdonald’s book of essays, Vesper Flights. It is delicious.

Maybe you should know that I was about twelve when my mother smacked me with the book I got lost in, the only time she ever hit me. But I was deep into one of the Black Stallion series, deaf to time or place or any hunger, and she had been calling me for supper. Therefore, if I ever go missing, start the search with my favorite reading chair or check all four of the libraries I frequent.

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