Poems Come from Everywhere

Last week I was journaling about a disagreement with a friend and did not understand my own strong objections to the other side of the issue. So I tossed the problem into my unconscious/subconscious (I never know where these things land.) and decided to sleep on it. As sometimes happens, I woke up from a dream that puzzled me. In the dream I was showing a guest my backyard and as we entered the fenced area, I saw a very long, black snake loosely coiled in the corner. I’m not particularly phobic about reptiles, but I am cautious. I stopped our walk, considered trying to scare the animal away, and thought better of it, not sure if it would leave or attack. End of scene.

Waking up with this strong image, I was more curious than alarmed. Why was that, given the size and location of that serpent in the garden?  I applied what little I know about the Jungian analysis of dreams, an essential point being that all parts of the dream are parts of the dreamer. So I interpret this scene as exploring my deeper self and accepting the presence of the primal unseen part. The debate with the friend? Let go, because I “saw” my dark self in that dream. And of course, I wrote a poem about it. That poem goes today to a critique session where I’ll learn if I have succeeded in turning a dream into art. Stay tuned.

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