Sabbatical w/Geese

Driving on Dillon Road yesterday I saw a hundred or more geese gabbling and pecking in a field just beyond the ditch, earthbound, hungry creatures. But against a clear sky one wild goose flew alone, against that empty background its aerodynamic shape elegant, every wing beat graceful, forceful and free. I have no idea why one individual left the flock and headed north, but I envied that bird and it became a symbol for me. Leaving the flock without fear became possible, maybe important, vital.

While I was sick–about half of December 2014–I fussed silently about all the tasks that  faced me once my energy crept back. Mind you, I was drained, so much so that at times I could not focus on a printed page, could not hold a book steady, let alone write. But in that dreary time I decided that I would find a way to simplify my work.

So–my boss is sending me on sabbatical. I am leaving the internet flock of anonymous, virtual birds, and keeping dear, clear, real faces close. If I know you, can see your eyes, shake your hand, hug you, I’m still here. But I didn’t leave my former work to become a social media slave. I left to be a writer. Writers write, and I mean to do that, marketing and PR be damned. How long will I be gone? How high the moon?

I’ll leave this website open and update as needed the publication list and the bookshelf. The links to Accidental Child will work, including a new option in early January for a print version. Maybe I’ll drop by, but mostly I’m flying solo into reality. Bye for now!

One response to “Sabbatical w/Geese”

  1. Good for you! Recharge, regain, relax.

    Your presence will be missed, but your essence remains like a fine perfume, tickling the nostrils with a hint of remembered ecstasy.


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