Bloggin’ Market

I have not been happy with the dry, stale idea I had for this week’s blog. A better one came to me yesterday but I did not write it down, and now it’s gone. So where do I find another? If I want oranges, I take my string bag to the store and buy oranges, preferably CaraCaras grown in the US. If I need a book or a blouse, I go to one of my reliable thrift stores. But no matter where I shop, I find no blogs. I cannot put one in a sack, bring it home and plug it in. There’s no blog store but me.

The one I had in mind yesterday I must have set down somewhere and it melted. Or the dog ate it. A rare few seem good enough to eat. Mostly, Duncan the Dog likes to tear up stuffed animals, and some blogs are fat and squishy. Just as well if he destroyed one like that. I think a stranger found my lost blog and threw it in the gutter, where a mountain-born wind took it. That poor blog is in Kansas now. And here I sit on Saturday morning, blogless.

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