Writer as Whirling Dervish




I feel a bit like Garrison Keillor–it’s been a busy week in Lake We’ll-Be-Gone. We often hear how lonely the writing life can be. Well, it can be just the opposite, like carving ice to find the writing hours. Just look at my week:


Sunday–CIPA Focus Forum with Mary Walewski on social media for writers

Monday–Gamuts poetry critique group

Tuesday–Live Poets Book Club at Boulder Books focused on Dorianne Laux’s The Book of Men

Wednesday–consignment applications completed and delivered to Book Bar in Denver

Thursday–Cannon Mine Poetry, feature reader Deb Shirley was ON!

Friday–Fri 500 at Lighthouse Writers Workshop, where I actually did write a scene for the next novel

Saturday–CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc.) monthly meeting, to which I am headed as soon as I hit “POST”

Each of these meetings fall into what the late Jack Myers called “po bizz”– the business end of writing that helps us write better and put our work in the hands of readers, that important final link in the communication loop.

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