Get Your Ducks in the Water

One of the funniest things I’ve seen online this week is a video of ducks. These birds were apparently kept in landlocked pens until they were rescued and introduced to a pond. First, they had to be herded into the water by a crew of determined human beings. Once wet, they scrambled back onto dry land, having no personal history with this scary wet stuff. Their new keepers persisted. In several cases tossing the ducks into the water. And nature took it from there. By the end of the video, all the ducks are splashing and dipping their heads and reveling in wet ducky joy. Go take a look and come right back: http-//

These ducks remind me of people who categorically deny the value of social media. They’ve never wet their toes on Facebook or blogged a single post. They claim it’s boring, egotistic, dangerous and a huge waste of time. They just know they cannot swim in that pond. It’s full of scum. Oh, my, I cannot herd them like a flock of scared fowl. I cannot toss them flapping and quacking into the deep water of the inter-net. But I do believe that if I could, they might realize that not every pond is the same, not everything that swims is robotic, greedy or self-serving, and that plenty of people enjoy the connections that they maintain by checking a few favored sites a week.

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