All in a Day

Yesterday was good:

  • I shipped a poetry manuscript off to a likely sounding contest, after finally getting the pagination and table of contents to agree;
  • Ate my favorite bagel, spinach w/cheese, and read the intro to Best American Essays 2007, edited by David Foster Wallace, whose prose always knocks me out with delight;
  • Sat in a coffee shop with just the right pad of paper and came up with the nugget of a poem I didn’t think I  dared to write;
  • Wrote the first three drafts of said poem;In writing the poem I realized rather forcefully that an important part of my life was very screwed up and that not all the blame belongs with me;
  • Struck up a conversation with a woman in line beside me at the burger place and was invited to submit a poem to a collection that will be part of a theater groups’ upcoming performance;
  • Spent the evening in yet another coffee shop talking Beat poetry with two good friends;
  • Our conversation caught the attention of a bright young woman who writes poetry and music and wants to become active in the creative community. We welcomed her.

So, this morning I reread the new poem and decided it is going to be good. I am about to select a piece for the theater group and make sun tea. It’s another very hot, bright day, just right for a pitcher of icy tea. And more synchronous events. As Ginsberg said, “Notice what you notice.”

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