Poetry Prompts

I heard a great variety of poems last evening at the Third Thursday open mic at Ziggi’s in Westminster, CO. We had people read whom we have not heard from in quite a while. Sheryl Luna did a great feature slot, and I heard something that tickled those synapses in my brain that recognize a poem embryo. It’s the last item in the list below. There is no logic to any of this, but here’s a list of poem prompts that I keep in my “carry book,” the notebook that lives in my purse.

  • the last lemon cake
  • coffee and a lemon square (yeah, I like lemon flavored sweets)
  • digital immigrant in a pixilated world
  • “large reverberations in small events” (from D. T. Max’s bio of David Foster Wallace)
  • things that can shatter
  • small things that make me happy
  • dinner in dystopia ( a prompt from a Friday 500, Lighthouse Writers’ Workshop)
  • “Mean things mean things.” (quoted but I don’t know by whom)
  • novocaine of noise
  • identical twins/blue shoes/the revolver (don’t ask, no idea where it came from)
  • time as a red illusion
  • ponies going ’round

If you can use any of these, please do. And I would be happy to see the results. It’s going to be a hot day in CO, a good time to hole up in an air conditioned coffee shop. Cool air and hot poems. Perfect.

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