Social Media Explosion

For a long time I’ve been trying to grasp the fine points of social media and its benefits to me as a writer. Most of the time it feels like carrying Jello in my hands. Here’s why: each of many sites might be valuable and many of them need to be linked together. My social media list includes:

  • Face Book, a page and a personal timeline, Procrustean, annoying as hell, but necessary
  • Author Central, part of the Amazaon website, where all my books are visible and I can add events, but only if the event relates to a specific book
  •, my own website/blog, where you are now and have access to four pages that must be kept up to date
  • Goodreads, a reader-friendly site that is about to be scooped up by Amazon
  • Twitter, the famous short message thingy that I try to check/use daily
  • Linked In, a professional clearing house and meeting ground, has discussion groups and links to other professionals
  • Pinterest, visual, a hot new site that I first rejected, am now rethinking
  • Shelfari, similar to Goodreads, already connected to Amazon
  • Gmail, obviously, email is crucial
  • Hootsuite, yet to be tried, but useful for prescheduling blogs and Tweets if I ever figure out how to go on vacation
  • PicMonkey, a free site that allows cropping and editing visuals
  • Social Media Express, instruction in how to use all of these tools
  • You Tube, video and search engine

Makes a person dizzy, eh? A wise man, Brian Swartz, President of Colorado Independent Publisher Association, says one should never be more than one click away from a sale. I’m lucky that I’m not one click away from insanity.

2 responses to “Social Media Explosion”

  1. Yup! Brother Swartz is right on the chili. Of course, there is the problem of implementation. Are you making YouTube videos? There is money in them if you have the right digital articulation. Forget the vacation, Kate. The 21st century demands it all.


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