Tuesday is Tip Day for Poets

Starting right now, this minute, January 22, 2013, 7:09 MST, I am available for commentary on poems and answers to craft questions. 

Here’s how it works: you, the poet or reader, sends a specific question about poetry to kvdbooks@facebook.com. You give me written permission to post your poem/question/comment on a public site and to respond publicly. We get a discussion going each week between us and with others. I will post on Tuesdays. Audience participation is welcome, encouraged, sought out, begged for. Talk to me!

What I do want: poems that you care about and want an honest response to; specific questions about the craft and/or content of contemporary American poetry. I probably won’t publish anything that has gratuitous sex, violence or any other really nasty stuff. It’s not my style and probably won’t suit our audience. My critique style rests on two basic questions: what do I like about the poem and what do I want to see more of? (Thank you, Melanie Tem. I think you taught me to boil it down to that.)

If you want my credentials, go to KVDbooks.com and see my publication list and bio. It’s free time with an experienced poet willing to pay attention to your work. From time to time I will offer free handouts that you can download as a PDF. Let’s get started.

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