A Blooms Day Wedding


Ten days with no bloggery–unthinkable, but true. I warned you that I was hitting the road, but I hadn’t planned on finding no wi-fi over the 2100 miles I drove, nor the absence of it in my sister’s house when I arrived, but yesterday my dear, smart, computer-professional nephew and his wife fixed all that and here I am. But as much as these technical glitches kept me from my writing, a more important event occurred. On June 16th, Blooms Day to the literati, my lovely niece married her wonderful fiance. I was pleased to find out that the groom knew the double significance of the date. He is, however, a theater person who would know such trivia, a fact which further endears him and enhances his other admirable traits, like intelligence, intellect, a sense of humor and poise. Cue the applause.

In general, however, few people I know care about a Joycean walk through Dublin on June 16th. Or the roar of the Irish who celebrate on that day. Most people on a fine late spring day show more interest in an open bar and a long, laden buffet table, the fruits of summer and the blessed absence of rain in the garden setting, with its rows of white chairs and full blown peonies, prayer flags flying. We should all be so fortunate as to witness joy–the vows, the rings, the kiss, the union of strangers into a new extended family. 

Such a day’s peace and plenty will stay in mind and become a well to draw from, will allow those of us who create paper weddings and walks in Dublin to do so more believably. I’ve said it before, what Stephen King says, the writer’s desk sits in a corner. Life and family and red velvet cake take center stage. So, congratulations to Emily and Dan. Thanks for the gorgeous day and for the memories. Long life and happiness to you.

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