Tag: point of view in fiction

  • I, You, He/she/it/they?

    Recently I attended a workshop on point of view and came away confused and overwhelmed. The teacher presented us with six versions of POV with short examples. Too much for me to absorb in one hour. And it all felt prescriptive, as if I ought to select a POV before the story or memoir begins. […]

  • Read for Equality

    Regular followers know that I sometimes list books or reminders meant to promote equality in publishing and reading. Well, here’s one that I want to highlight: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I chose to read this book because it will be featured at a book club this week in Boulder. By the time […]

  • How Do I Revise?

    I’m not sure anymore what revise┬ámeans, but what I am doing with the novel ms is rewriting. Yes, I am retyping every chapter, sentence by sentence, sometimes word by word. In this time of cut/copy/paste, people often look at me as if I were hopelessly stupid. But this is actually my third pass at ┬áthe […]

  • Says Who?

    Going back to the list of novels I’m analyzing (flip back to last week’s blog if you need to see the list), I had a breakthrough idea, or so it is for me. Maybe everyone else in the writing business has known this and hidden it from me. Shh, she has to figure this out […]

  • The Big What If

    Here again are the six novels I’ve been studying in preparation for finishing the first draft of my own work in progress. 1000 White Women: the Journals of May Dodd, by Jim Fergus God Help the Child, by Toni Morrison Neverhome, by Laird Hunt Summer People, by Marge Piercy The Robber Bride, by Margaret Atwood […]