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  • White Rabbit Writing

    Is there a writer alive who has not hurried like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland to meet a deadline? Recently I came across a call for 100 pages of a memoir in progress. Aha! Just what I needed to motivate me to type faster on the memoir I was creating. I set aside other […]

  • Paz Effect

    Reading Octavio Paz’s poems challenges me. He goes deep and wide, mythic and intense. His work silences and moves me, but if I keep him close I will perhaps learn to write with courage. His female figures are stunning, earthy and unabashedly eternal. As I read though, I cannot find my own words. I close […]

  • Courage Called For

    Courage Called For

    So many things can stop me from writing–a wonky keyboard, a challenging crossword puzzle, a sleepless night. But these are excuses. What too often stops me is inertia. And that comes from fear, not screams-in-the-dark fear, not attack by rhinos, not that fear. My fear is not getting it right. But getting it right is […]

  • Chunk Reality

    Reading Kim Addonizio’s Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within, I took her advice and “fell in love” with the first thing I saw when I looked up from the book. Well, shoot, what I saw was my own foot in a black sandal, propped on the corner of the coffee table. Really, Kim? […]

  • I, You, He/she/it/they?

    Recently I attended a workshop on point of view and came away confused and overwhelmed. The teacher presented us with six versions of POV with short examples. Too much for me to absorb in one hour. And it all felt prescriptive, as if I ought to select a POV before the story or memoir begins. […]